Sudenga Dealer Feature: Ag Builders



For over 30 years, Ag Builders has served the needs of farmers, elevators and businesses in Southwest Minnesota and Northwest Iowa. Ag Builders is a design-build family owned company based in Windom, Minnesota.

They recently moved to a new location where they were able to expand their offices, showroom and shop in Windom.

Ag Builders specializes in sales, design, installation and service of both farm and commercial material handling and storage projects. In addition to Sudenga handling equipment, Ag Builders carries grain bins, new and reconditioned grain dryers, buildings, and hopper pits.

They pride themselves on stocking a wide variety of common accessories and replacement components for the product lines they represent. The company also offers a line of skid steers, mowers and tractors through their GDF Enterprises division at the same location.

Sudenga Industries is proud to partner with Glen Francis and the team at Ag Builders.




1815 1st Ave North; Windom, Minnesota 56101



Featured Sudenga project

Here is a view from the Marlin Oosterhuis Farms/Ag Builders Remodel project which utilized existing infrastructure while improving on it by adding a larger Sudenga grain handling system to maximize throughput.


Other Ag Builders Projects

Ag Builders dedicates a portion of their website to photos that show the versatility of their projects. Here are some Sudenga projects that can be found on their website. View their entire listing of projects here.

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