[DRONE FOOTAGE] Sudenga Grain Legs and Accessories


Check out drone footage from 3 farm sites, all featuring Sudenga Medium 30 Bucket Elevators

We recently took a tour around northwest Iowa visiting several farm sites, all of which featured Sudenga’s popular Medium 30 Grain Leg. The Medium 30 Leg is available in three models with capacities of 4,000 BPH, 4,500 BPH and 5,000 BPH and maximum working heights of 196 feet, 174 feet and 158 feet respectively. A variety of accessories are available along with support towers, catwalk, trussing kits, spouting and distributors. Sit back, relax, and take a quick tour of these three farms.

Enjoy a tour of three farm sites, all designed and installed by Plymouth Feed out of Merrill, Iowa.


Sudenga equipment featured throughout this site:

  •      5,000 BPH Medium 30 Leg
  •      1219 Inclined Chain Conveyor
  •      1210 Reclaim Conveyor
  •      8" Power Sweeps


Sudenga equipment featured throughout this site:

  •      5,000 BPH Medium 30 Leg
  •      Catwalk
  •      1214 chain conveyor
  •      Jib Boom

(NOTE: Conveyor cover removed for illustration of operation. Never operate equipment without covers or guards in place.)



Sudenga equipment featured throughout this site:

  •    5,000 BPH Medium 30 Leg
  •    Sudenga tower
  •    Inclined conveyor


If you are interested in adding an elevator leg to your farm site we encourage you to contact our experienced, knowledgeable staff and they can help guide you through the selection process. Every site is unique and every setup is designed specifically for you! Read more about Sudenga’s bucket elevators here.



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