Save hours of unloading time during harvest

Did you know that if you take the time to swing a traditional auger hopper under your grain trailer each time you unload during harvest, you are adding roughly 4 minutes of repositioning time, and effort to each load?  If you add up that 4 minutes per load on a thousand-acre field you are actually adding over 8 hours of time to your grain unloading process during harvest.


You can eliminate the repositioning time entirely by using a Portable Drive Over Hopper or PDOH from Sudenga. The portable drive overs are quicker than using a traditional auger hopper and generally more economical to implement than a permanent drive over pit. Sudenga pioneered the low-profile pit conveyor designs and expands upon that tradition of innovation with two new drive over pit products.

Read more about the new PDOH 125 here or the new PDOH Double here or contact us at 1-888-SUDENGA or for more information. Let us help you speed up your harvest time workflow.

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