Load grain piles quickly and easily with a Scoop from Sudenga

How quick? You can load a waiting 1,000 bushel trailer in just three minutes.

How easy? Sudenga's Scoops are designed to be mobile and self-feeding, so you don't need another operator in a loader to ensure the grain flows to the Scoop.

Sudenga’s Super Scoop and Ultra Scoops are dedicated flat storage pile loaders with a number of benefits for any commercial grain storage operation:

  • Less equipment needed. Reduce the number of pieces of required equipment needed to pick up grain. The Scoops are designed to be mobile and self-feeding, so an operation doesn’t necessarily need another operator in a loader to ensure the grain flows to the Scoop.
  • Minimal personnel required. Eliminating a person operating a loader means you need less staff at the pile loading trucks.
  • Pick up grain quickly. The Ultra Scoop can load a 1,000 bushels in right at three minutes, so you can keep the grain trailers on the road, not necessarily waiting to be loaded at the pile.
  • Works with your current equipment. Sudenga’s Scoops are designed to utilize minimal tractor horsepower and we’ve found that most operations have a tractor around that is sufficiently sized to operate our pile loaders. Once the pile is picked up, unhook the Scoop and the tractor is off to another job.

There are two versions of Scoops available. The Super Scoop is available with a 10 foot pickup auger feeding a conveyor that handles up to 11,000 BPH while the Ultra Scoop is  available with a pickup auger that can be operated at 10 feet or 16 feet in width and will load grain at speeds up to 20,000 BPH. The Ultra Scoop is able to load trailers in as little as three minutes!

It gets even better. We’ve been told that the return on investment is very good with Sudenga’s Scoops. One customer who operates a flat storage pile loading service has over 75 million bushels through the Ultra Scoop he purchased over 10 years ago. He reports that while he’s done regular general preventative maintenance, wear components such as chain, paddles and gearboxes have never been replaced. Read this customer testimonial here: https://www.sudenga.com/sudenga-university/ultra-scoop-by-sudenga-testimonial



Read more about the 11,000 BPH Super Scoop at https://www.sudenga.com/our-products/portable-augers/super-scoop

Read more about the 20,000 BPH Ultra Scoop at https://www.sudenga.com/our-products/portable-augers/ultra-scoop-flat-pile-storage-loader/



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