Product Feature #1: Double Barrel


Sudenga Product Feature #1:

Double Barrel Chain Conveyor



The Double Barrel chain conveyors have the benefits of a traditional chain conveyor (durability, low horsepower consumption and great capacity), but can be installed anywhere a traditional auger, air system or drag chain conveyor might be installed. 



  • Totally modular system to fit the specifics of your application.
  • Available in 6”, 8”, 10” and 12” diameter systems. 
  • System capacities of up to 10,000 bushels per hour.
  • All components clamp together for compact shipping and convenient installation.
  • Galvanized tube finish is standard when utilizing Sudenga supplied outer tubes.
  • Commercial duty chain with ½” thick UHMW paddles.
  • Units can be installed horizontally our up to a 60-degree incline.
  • A variety of inlets, discharges and support accessories are available.




You can use the Double Barrel chain conveyor pretty much anywhere a traditional auger or drag chain conveyor might be installed. Unlike a round tube auger, a chain conveyor doesn’t necessarily require grain in the system to run smoothly and quietly. This benefit makes the Double Barrel a great option for use with a grain dryer. The Double Barrel conveyors are also nice for stationary applications filling a grain bin, or for inclining after a bin unloading system. They can be installed horizontally or at an incline up to 60 degrees and doesn't necessarily require a catwalk support system like a traditional conveyor might.




The uses for this style of chain conveyor are numerous and Sudenga can help you visualize your next application by drawing out your proposed project layout incorporating the Double Barrel. Leverage our years of experience in the design and manufacture of agricultural material handling equipment. Contact us or find a Sudenga dealer near you.




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