Watch the patent pending Shallow Drive Over Double Receiving Pit in action


Unload at speeds up to 10,000 BPH with Sudenga’s Senior 36 Grain Leg and Shallow Drive Over Double Receiving Pit

This equipment combo offers both high efficiency and minimal maintenance


[DRONE FOOTAGE] Watch as grain trailers unload on a busy harvest day


4 reasons why we know you’ll love the shallow receiving pit

This one-of-a-kind shallow receiving pit is not just fast, it’s also easier to install than your typical receiving pit and requires little maintenance. Those who have one, love it. Here are four reasons we know you’ll love the shallow drive over too:



  1. It’s Modular: The Shallow Double Drive Over and can be custom configured to fit your application
  2. It’s Shallow: The Shallow Double Drive Over can be installed under truck scales or even in a shallow trench under a driveway
  3. It’s Easy to Install: The shallow design minimizes concrete and dirt work during installation, while maximizing efficiency for the operation once installed
  4. It’s Fast:  The Shallow Double Drive Over can unload a typical grain trailer at capacities up to 10,000 bushels per hour




When paired with Sudenga’s Senior 36 Leg, you’ll have the ultimate working combo.

Sudenga’s Senior 36 Series leg is available with capacities from 5,000 BPH to 10,000 BPH with max discharge heights of 210 feet to 160 feet respectively. This grain leg paired with the shallow drive over offers not just high efficiency but also minimal maintenance, allowing you to minimize time spent onsite so you can get back to the field quicker. Upgrade your site today. Call us for more information or find a dealer near you.   |   1-888-SUDENGA   |


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