Sudenga Dealer Feature: R&D Equipment Company

R&D Equipment Company Inc. of Fort Worth, Texas has been in business over 30 years and serves customers in the United States, Canada, Europe, Central and South America as well as other countries who are devoted to industries pertaining to oilseed processing, animals feeds, bio fuels, lubricants, cosmetics, and other specialized products. Their customers process a wide range of products such as cotton seed, soybeans, coconut, sunflowers, and flax.

The staff at R&D Equipment Company is fully bilingual and they serve multiple industries by offering technical and process advice as well as equipment optimization techniques. They implement state-of-the art technology to their customer’s processes to increase production, reduce costs and improve the quality of the finished product. 

R&D Equipment Company has been selling and promoting Sudenga equipment since 2009 and we couldn’t be more proud to be part of their growing business. They said locally, Sudenga feed body trucks and portable grain augers are customer favorites; outside of the country, Sudenga sweep augers are a popular item; and Sudenga micro skids seem to be a favorite across the board.


“The micro skid is a very trusty piece of equipment which works with a very good level of accuracy on the weighing of the micro-elements,” explains Enrique Diaz, a sales and project manager at R&D Equipment Company.

The team at R&D Equipment Company strives to help customers reduce project deliveries and initial developments all while maintaining the highest standard of quality and dependability with the equipment they purchase. Thanks for making Sudenga part of this equipment lineup.


“Serving the process industries worldwide.”

R&D Equipment Company, Inc.
4760 Freeman Drive, Fort Worth, TX 76140
Office: (817) 563-2571


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