Welcome to the Bucket Elevator Age



Bronze Age smiths gave us hoes to break the soil.
Iron Age welders gave us plows to work our fields. And today?

Welcome to the Bucket Elevator Age


Since the dawn of civilization, blacksmiths have forged the tools that shape our world. From weapons of war to kitchen utensils. From the smithys of Western Europe to the Sudenga family of northwest Iowa. (Though, technically, Sudenga Industries hasn’t been a blacksmithing shop for a hundred years or so.)

…But still! Deep in the heart of George, Iowa (just down the way, on Kingbird Avenue), the noble blacksmith’s tradition continues… with the Sudenga Bucket Elevator.

Forged in the metaphorical fires of the latest advances in manufacturing technology, the Sudenga Bucket Elevator is the right choice for gentle, reliable grain, feed, and fertilizer handling applications. Read more about Sudenga's Bucket Elevators here.



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