Work safely with this zero-entry, commercial sweep

Work safely with this zero-entry, commercial sweep

The commerical D Series sweeps (Models D100 and D150) from Sudenga Max are true zero-entry sweeps that require no staff entry into the bin in order to prep the sweep for engagement. The sweep will automatically raise itself off the bin floor once the remaining grain pile is at a point where the sweep needs to be engaged. Not requiring personnel to enter the bin to manually raise the sweep off the floor prior to engaging the sweep is important as entry into a bin when there is an inverted cone of grain is one of the most dangerous times to be in a grain bin from an engulfment standpoint. 

"Anytime you can keep people out of a confined space, you are creating a better work environment. Many of the other “zero entry” sweeps out there require personnel to enter the grain bin prior to engaging the sweep and this is a very dangerous time to be in the bin. If you have to go into the bin to adjust the sweep prior to turning it on, can one really consider that sweep “zero entry”?” said Greg VerSteeg, vice president of sales and marketing at Sudenga Industries.

The D Series sweep is also innovative in that it leads with the auger. This feature is important as the auger actively engages crusted or out of condition grain, giving the sweep the best chance of advancing properly while sweeping the bin. When a sweep advances properly, there is no need to enter the bin.

All of Sudenga’s D Series sweeps are available with a patented above floor collector ring. An electrical collector ring allows power to be permanently wired into the sweep. By mounting this component in the sweep, above the floor, the D Series sweeps require a much shallower center sump to be mounted in the floor. This is great in new installations as it shortens up the foundation and tunnel requirements in some cases, but it is often an appreciated feature in sweep retrofit applications too.

Sudenga’s Auto Advance sweep controls allow the sweep to be operated entirely from outside the bin. The sweep can be started, or stopped from outside the bin. There is an automatic feature standard in our Auto Advance controls which monitors sweep amperage draw and advances, stops, or even backs the sweep up relative to how the grain is behaving in the bin. Adjustments to sweep settings are made totally in the control panel and do not require a computer interface to make changes.

The D Series sweeps are available for grains bins with diameters up to 132 feet and grain depths up to 150 feet. The 12 inch model handles up to 6,000 BPH while the 16 inch model handles up to 10,000 BPH. The sweeps are available with a motorized push tractor, or floor mounted track and can be electric or hydraulically driven. They are part of Sudenga's new Sudenga Max Commerical equipment line.

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