1. Can I buy direct from the factory?

    Sudenga equipment may be purchased through your local dealer/distributor.  Contact us at 1-888-SUDENGA for a dealer near you, or use our dealer locator by clicking here.

  2. How can I contact the factory?

    Toll-Free (888) 783-3642 between the hours of 7am to 5pm (Central Time).  You can also contact us via e-mail by clicking here.

  3. How can I find a dealer/distributor in my area?

    Contact us at 1-888-SUDENGA for a dealer near you, or use our dealer locator by clicking here.

  4. What if there is not a dealer/distributor in my area?

    Contact us at 1-888-SUDENGA, or via our contact us form and we'll locate one for you.

  5. Will Sudenga Industries ship internationally?

    Of course!  We've shipped equipment all over the world.  Contact us today to find out more!

  6. What are your hours of business?

    We are open from 7am to 5pm (Central) weekdays.

  7. Where are you located?

    Sudenga Industries has been located in the town of George in extreme Northwest Iowa since 1888.  Our home office and manufacturing facility is located 1 mile north and 1 mile east of George.  Our address is 2002 Kingbird Ave., George, IA  51237.  You can reach us toll-free at 1-888-783-3642 with any questions.

    We also maintain a stocked distribution center in Atwood Indiana.  The address of that facility is 409 E. Main St., Larwill, IN.  The phone number is 1-877-439-3006.

  8. How can I get pricing or place an order for Sudenga products or parts?

    Contact your local Sudenga dealer/distributor for pricing, or, contact Sudenga Industries for help with locating a dealer.  1-888-SUDENGA or via the Contact Us form found here

  9. Does Sudenga Industries make special parts or equipment?

    We love a challenge and will happily visit with you about specially manufactured parts or components.  Please contact us at 1-888-SUDENGA to discuss your needs.  It is important to note that special items may require extra time to manufacture and cannot be returned.

  10. Where can I see Sudenga equipment in person?

    Sudenga Industries is represented at over 30 trade shows a year and equipment is often displayed as part of our effort at those shows.  In addition, we have an extensive network of stocking dealers where many of our products can be viewed.  Contact us for more information.

  11. How can I become a Sudenga dealer or distributor?

    We are always looking for established, qualified people and dealerships to represent us.  Please contact the factory at 1-888-SUDENGA with your inquiry or via the contact us feature found on this site.  Prospective dealers must fill out a credit application, receive approval and meet with a factory representative.

  12. Who owns Sudenga Industries?

    Sudenga Industries, Inc. is a division of Diversified Technologies, Inc. (DTI).  Other divisions of DTI include Dur-A-Lift, Inc., a truck and van mounted aerial lift company (www.sudenga.com) and Ranger All-Season Corporation, an electric mobility scooter manufacturer (www.rangerallseason.com).  Diversified Technologies, Inc. is privately owned.

  13. How do I apply for a job at Sudenga Industries?

    We are always looking for qualified individuals.  You can apply in person at our corporate offices located at 2002 Kingbird Ave. outside of George, Iowa.  You can reach us via phone at 712-475-3301.  (Ask for the Human Resources Department.)  Or, you can send us a note by following the Contact Us link at the top of this page.