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Sudenga Bucket Elevators

Sudenga Industries employs the latest advances in manufacturing technology and production methods to produce solid, reliable bucket elevator systems that are available for both commercial and on-farm applications. Our grain legs have many features that set them apart. Just compare ours to others. Jigged and robotically welded components, pre-welded platforms for ease of assembly, high quality double-row spherical and tapered roller pillow block bearings, drum style slatted boot pulleys, rubber leg belt and heavy gauge construction all come standard. Sudenga bucket elevators offer the value added features that you and your operation demand. Our finish is an attractive, durable blue enamel, with other colors available on request. Hot dipped galvanized finish is available for ultimate long term resistance to the elements. Available with discharge heights exceeding 200 feet and with capacities up to 40,000 BPH.

Contact us for assistance in selecting and pricing a complete bucket elevator system. Our experienced, knowledgable staff is available to help guide you though the selection process. Whether you have been thinking about your material handling system for years or days, give us a call, we can provide assistance which will help you avoid common pitfalls and mistakes that cost time and money.

Bucket Elevator Project Photos

Bucket Elevator Standard Features

  • Industrial design.
  • Capacities from 175 to 40,000 BPH. Honest capacity ratings.
  • Drum Style Head Pulleys. Holz replaceable slide lagging standard on SR 36, 42 & 48, and Hi-Cap Models 24, 30, and 48. Rubber lagging with herringbone pattern standard other sizes. All oil and fire resistant. Self-cleaning slatted boot pulley standard – all models.
  • Pathfinder supreme rubber belting, static conducting, best for oil and flame resistance. Stays pliable in winter. Unsurpassed for feed mill use.
  • Double row spherical roller pillow block bearings standard on Medium “24” and larger legs, pillow block ball bearings on Model “C” 6” and Model “12” Junior legs. Split bearings available for easy replacement.
  • Turned, ground, and polished head and boot shafts, for guaranteed true dimension and straightness.
  • Durable polyethylene vented cups standard for better cup fill and discharge; increased venting available for light or hard to handle products. Nylon available.
  • Hinged and gasketed inspection ports, with screens for safety, removable for service access.
  • Trunking section lengths in 2’ increments allow desired discharge height.
  • Trunking inspection port can be located in 4 locations for operator visibility.
  • Several trunking brace options accommodate a variety of preferred field assembly methods.
  • Metal backed urethane or rubber lined discharge and transition standard on 36” diameter and larger, optional on smaller units.
  • Pre-welded platforms make for easy and quick assembly. Lifting eyes on head sections are standard. Jacking bolts for head shaft alignment standard on 24” and larger.
  • Jig assembled and continuous welded construction for superior durability and hassle free installation.
  • Phosphatized, primed, and painted with a 2-part polyurethane paint. Blue paint standard. White, red, or gray optional. Hot dipped galvanized construction optional.
  • A variety of accessories are available along with support towers, catwalk, trussing kits, spouting and distributors.
  • Backed by a company with over 130 years of experience.


Bucket Elevator Components




Sudenga is your one stop source for complete grain leg systems. Support equipment includes: elevator leg support towers in all common sizes, super span catwalk, 40 degree and 60 degree flat back and full round distributors, spouting and truss kits, rack and pinion gates, elbows, transitions, hoppers, deadheads, and more. Contact our team of specialists to learn more or find a dealer near you to get started on your bucket elevator project.

Sudenga bucket elevator systems, or grain legs, are designed and built to exacting specifications giving the owner a system that will provide more years of service, with less downtime and repair. We offer:

  • SUPPORT TOWERS: Sudenga can provide grain leg support towers in all common sizes including 8x8, 10x10 and 12x12 ft footprints. Custom configurations, stairs and platform options available. Hot dipped galvanized finish.
  • SUPER SPAN CATWALK: Available for clear spans to 80 feet. Load rating varies with span. Super span catwalk is an underslung cable type catwalk.  2-Leg or 4-Leg catwalk support towers are available in one foot increments up to 100 feet. Side cables or structure tie off support is required on this tower for heights over 40 feet. Painted or hot-dipped galvanized finishes are available.
  • DISTRIBUTORS: 45° and 60° flat back and full round distributors are available in painted or galvanized finish. Available in outlets starting at 4 and continuing in multiples of two from there. Cable, pipe or electronic controls.
  • SPOUTING & TRUSS KITS: Spouting is available in 6”, 8”, 10”, 12, 14” and 16” diameters. A variety of gauges and painted or galvanized finishes is available depending on diameter. Spouting truss kits are available for 6” through 14” diameter spouts in 40’, 60’, 80’ and 100’ lengths.
  • ACCESSORIES: Numerous rack and pinion gates, elbows, transitions, hoppers, deadheads, valves, bin tops, adaptors, reducers, and more are available. 


Capacities to 20,000 bushels per hour are standard. Capacities above 20,000 BPH are quoted to specific application specifications.



Receive from both hoppers of a trailer at the same time with Sudenga’s patented Shallow Double Drive Over Receiving Pit. Capacities up to 17,500 BPH and the low-profile design make this conveyor system a versatile solution. Read more


Field tested and proven to perform. From high capacity u-trough power sweeps to simple under floor tube and auger systems, Sudenga sets the standard in bin unloading systems. Specify Sudenga for your next bin sweep. Read more


Horizontal drag chain conveyors feature low horsepower requirements per bushel compared to an auger. Minimal long term maintenance and durability are characteristics of a drag conveyor. Overhead, on-grade or underground, drag chain conveyors are a great choice. Read more


Incline drag chain conveyors are ideal for conveying grain from pits to legs, underground or overhead... wherever high capacities are required. Drag conveyors feature low-maintenance and low horsepower requirements per bushel compared to an auger. Galvanized construction and multiple inlet/outlet configurations ensure ease of installation and use for years to come. Read more


The Double Barrel chain conveyors have the benefits of a traditional chain conveyor (durability, low horsepower consumption and great capacity), but can be installed anywhere a traditional auger, air system or drag chain conveyor might be installed. Available with capacities up to 10,000 bushels/hr. The system is totally modular so lengths can be tailored to the specific application. Read more



Capacities up to 17,500 BPH. Sudenga’s innovative low-profile conveyors feature big capacity with the advantage of minimized installation cost and the long-term durability of drag conveyors. Great in retrofit applications where space or ground water is an issue. Originally developed to feed bucket elevators from shallow drive over pits, thousands of applications later these units can be found loading out to semi-trailers or returning grain to the leg from a low clearance loadout. Read more



6” through 14” systems offer a wide variety of options and components for agricultural and industrial conveying applications. Read more about round tube augers. Read more about u-trough augers.