Save hours of repositioning time with a portable drive over hopper

Wednesday, September 30th


GEORGE, IOWA — The typical operation spends an extra twenty-five percent of  their time repositioning portable truck unloading equipment during grain harvest season in addition to the time they actually spend unloading grain.

If you farm 1000 acres of corn and average 165 bushel an acre you will spend approximately eight hours and fifteen minutes unloading the corn from your trailers.

Add in the fact that the typical operation, utilizing a swing hopper style portable auger, takes four minutes a load on average just for repositioning the truck and auger hopper. This means you’ll spend eleven hours just moving your equipment around.

A portable drive over hopper will save you approximately three minutes in repositioning time per load. This adds up to saving of over eight hours (one work day) for every 1,000 acres of corn you harvest.

Imagine what you could do with your extra eight hours. Call 1-888-SUDENGA for more information or find a dealer in your area by going to

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Capacities of 3500, 5000, or 7500 BPH, two hoppers, 36” x 48” center dump for trucks and trailers, 24” x 36” side dump for gravity wagons (side dump folds down to cover the gate when not in use), available in either electric or hydraulic power, hydraulic drive uses Char-Lynn “H” Series 6.2 CID motor, electric drive includes belt guards and shaft covers, features a spring-assist for easy set up and knock down, 10 ga. construction, D81x chain with reinforced UHMW paddles, 9-3/4” overall deck height, rubber belting around center dump opening, separate inlets for gravity wagons and hopper trailer, spring assist for raising and lowering ramps, jackshaft double reduction on electric drive, removable hitch, manual transport. Read more about the portable drive over hopper here.


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