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Tuesday, November 1st



We are excited to add 4 new products to our grain handling equipment line

We have over 125 years of manufacturing experience and have had many new products and innovations over the years but this year we are especially excited about our new lineup of grain handling equipment and we think you will be too!

We have had the opportunity to showcase these new products at several shows this year and there is no question that a favorite is going to be the Ox Portable Drive Over Hopper Double. Eliminate the need to reposition the truck when unloading, saving time during a busy harvest season. Other new products include the Portable Drive Over Hopper 125, a bigger, badder brother to the original Portable Drive Over hopper; the Double Barrel Chain Conveyor System; and a new leg support tower system




1 - Portable Drive Over Hopper Double (PDOH Double)

  • Save hours of time when unloading grain trailers by parking once and opening both hoppers at the same time.
  • Added convenience for your drivers. Less in and out of the truck!
  • Totally portable unit handles up to 7500 bushels per hour.
  • Couple your portable auger or outdated pit and leg with the PDOH Double to decrease your unloading time.
  • Automatic hopper skirts raise and lower when conveyors are engaged or dis-engaged.
  • Low profile design works with virtually any tractor/trailer.
  • Patent pending/patents apply.



2 - Portable Drive Over Hopper 125 (PDOH 125)

  • Drive over and unload at capacities up to 12,500 BPH.
  • Totally portable unit converts existing appropriately sized equipment into a high capacity drive over pit application.
  • Proven low profile design works with virtually any tractor/trailer.
  • Hydraulically actuated axle offers simple transport preparation.
  • Patent pending/patents apply.



3 - Double Barrel Chain Conveyor Systems

  • Available in 6” through 12” diameter sizes.
  • Capacities from 1500 to 10,000 bushels per hour.
  • Horizontal to 60° inclines.
  • Benefits of a drag conveyor, but doesn’t require overhead catwalk in many cases.
  • Totally modular system can be customized for the specific application.
  • Components bolt together. Have Sudenga supply the tubing, or supply your own.



4 - Leg Support Towers

  • Hot dipped galvanized finish.
  • Standard configurations include 8x8’, 10x10’, 12x12’ and 14x14’.
  • A variety of options and accessories available including stairs and platforms.
  • Each tower is engineered to the application.
  • One stop supplier for both your elevator leg and support tower needs.



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