Top 5 Products from 2016

Wednesday, February 22nd


It was a busy year concerning new product releases from Sudenga Industries. Sudenga was busy releasing 5 new major products along with numerous product improvements and product line extensions over the course of the year. We’ve written about most of the new items in the past but we thought we’d spend some time covering the most “buzz-worthy” Sudenga products from 2016. Some are new, some have been out for a while and are just gaining new visibility or market traction. All are exciting and worthy of a second look.




1) Ultra Scoop flat storage pile loader

Iowa farmers set another yield record in 2016, which means it is no surprise that available permanent storage was insufficient throughout the upper Midwest. Numerous ground piles sprung up at many commercial grain storage facilities. Introduced some years ago, Sudenga’s Ultra Scoop continues to be the preferred option in the reclaim process of these grain piles. Able to fill a 1000-bushel semi-trailer in as little as three minutes, the 20,000 BPH Ultra Scoop streamlines flat storage grain pile reclaiming for grain operations around the country. It is not uncommon for millions of bushels of grain to pass through the Ultra Scoop before scheduled downtime needs to happen. (Read a testimonial from Hoffman Grain Service here). The return on investment is simple with the Ultra Scoop and many facilities continue to add more units throughout their network of storage facilities.





2) Loss-In-Weight Micro Skid

The feed processing world continues to evolve rapidly with constantly tightening regulations and added demand by facilities and producers to trace what exactly is in their feed rations. On that front, Sudenga’s NTEP lab certified Loss-In-Weight Micro Skid, introduced several years ago at the International Production and Processing Expo in Atlanta, has proven to be a game changer in the feed processing world. As the only lab certified, thus legal for trade from the factory Loss-In-Weight micro ingredient system on the continent, this specialized micro skid has given numerous operations a running start when looking to upgrade (or newly designing) to meet new regulations and the added demands of their customers.





3) Portable Drive Over Hopper Double (PDOH-Double)

An attention grabber at the 2016 farm shows, the PDOH-Double was named one of the innovative new products for 2017 by Farm Equipment magazine. We like to think it was THE innovative product of 2016 however, as the buzz created by this unit continues to make our phones ring. PDOH-Double is a portable pit that receives from both hoppers of a trailer without moving the truck a second time. You can read more about what low-profile pit might be right for you on page 2.





4) 10 inch & 12 Inch U-Trough Power Sweeps

It is no secret that more and more speed is expected in all areas of the modern farm operation. Unloading the grain bin is no exception and Sudenga continues to rise to the demand with its U-Trough Power Sweeps. The 10” and 12” units handle grain at up to 6,000 and 10,000 bushels per hour respectively. The 12” U-Trough is the first and only 10,000 BPH power sweep that fits into a 13” drying floor, saving money and time for installer and customer. Both U-Trough units provide maximum wear-life with in-trough/removable hangar bearings. Operators appreciate Sudenga’s exclusive Clean Sweep attachment that leaves significantly less grain along the bin wall and floor.





5) Double Barrel Chain Conveyor

It might look like a round tube auger on steroids or a drag chain conveyor with extra versatility, but any way you look at it, the Double Barrel has been a popular new way to move grain in a number of grain handling scenarios.  Feeding or transferring grain in a grain dryer application, or efficiently moving grain into a line of grain bins, the Double Barrel combines the low horsepower, high capacity and durability of a chain conveyor, with the installation ease of a round auger. The Sudenga Double Barrel and has quickly become the go-to choice for solving diverse grain handling challenges in many applications.




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