Bucket Elevators

Bucket Elevator Systems from Sudenga

Sudenga bucket elevator systems. The difference is in the details.

Sudenga Industries employs the latest advances in manufacturing technology and production methods to produce solid, reliable grain leg systems that are available for both commercial and on-farm applications. Our bucket elevators have many features that set them apart. Just compare ours to others. Jigged and robotically welded components, pre-welded platforms for ease of assembly, high quality double-row spherical and tapered roller pillow block bearings, drum style slatted boot pulleys, rubber leg belt and heavy gauge construction all come standard. Sudenga bucket elevators offer the value added features that you and your operation demand. Our finish is an attractive, durable blue enamel, with other colors available on request. Hot dipped galvanized finish is available for ultimate long term resistance to the elements. 

Contact us for assistance in selecting and pricing a complete bucket elevator system. Our experienced, knowledgeable staff is available to help guide you through the selection process. Whether you have been thinking about your material handling system for years or days, give us a call, we can provide assistance which will help you avoid common pitfalls and mistakes that cost time and money.

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Let over 125 years of experience go to work for you.

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  • Bucket Elevators / Grain Legs

    Bucket Elevators / Grain Legs

    The difference is in the details. Sudenga bucket elevators are designed and built to exacting specifications giving the owner a system that will provide more years of service, with less downtime and repair. Sudenga elevator legs produce advertised capacities with extreme reliability. All welded construction. Painted or hot-dipped finish.

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  • Support Tower, Catwalk, Leg Accessories

    Support Tower, Catwalk, Leg Accessories

    Sudenga is your one stop source for complete grain leg systems. Support equipment includes: elevator leg support towers in all common sizes, super span catwalk, 40 degree and 60 degree flat back and full round distributors, spouting and truss kits, rack and pinion gates, elbows, transitions, hoppers, deadheads, and more.

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  • Commercial Duty Systems

    Commercial Duty Systems

    Sudenga Max commercial bucket elevator systems are available with discharge heights exceeding 200 feet and with capacities up to 40,000 BPH. A variety of accessories are available along with support towers, catwalk, trussing kits, spouting and distributors. Designed for ease of installation and years of trouble-free service. Let over 125 years of experience go to work for you.

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  • Companion Equipment

    Companion Equipment

    Sudenga is proud to be an industry leader in the design and manufacture of innovative handling systems for bulk material applications. Some of our grain leg companion equipment includes: grain bin augers and sweeps; horizontal, inclined, and low-profile drag chain conveyors; round tune and u-trough augers; and our double hopper drive over conveyor.

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  • Project Photos & Layout ideas

    Project Photos & Layout ideas

    Sudenga's bucket elevator systems are designed for each unique and individual situation. Capacities range from 175 to 40,000 BPH and discharge heights of up to 200 feet are available. Browse through photos of past projects for layout ideas for your next bucket elevator system.

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  • Calculators, Quick Reference Guides, & more

    Calculators, Quick Reference Guides, & more

    Your go-to resource for bucket elevator related online calculators, quick reference guides, and more. (Quickly figure FPM, RPM, spouting weights, etc.) A lot goes into building and figuring the specifics for your elevator leg system; we're here to help!

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