Atlas NXT Front Unload - High Capacity Feed Trailer

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The Atlas NXT front unload configuration offers convenient auger positioning for drivers. This trailer will get the job done quickly. What you do with your extra time is up to you!

Unload speed: 7,000 pounds per minute      Capacities: 1,497-2,043 cubic feet


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Body Features

  • All-welded aluminum tank, base, and bulkheads.
  • One-piece, extruded top opening. (Pat. No. 6,053,552)
  • Shur-Lok roll tarp or aluminum tank lid with manual crank, air, or electric-over-air lid opener.
  • Double seal individual rack and pinion gates (Pat. No. 5,658,116) with nylon roller guides.
  • Replaceable floor trough. Your choice of 12 ga. steel, 7 ga. aluminum or 10 ga. AR material.
  • Air ride suspension, Midland ABS, and NHSTA bumper.


Auger/Hydraulics System

  • 12” floor auger, 16” vertical auger, 12” discharge auger.
  • Rear pit discharge on the floor auger.
  • Direct couple tandem pumps. Orbit type auger motors.  29 gallon reservoir with filter (with body or on wet kit).
  • 270° worm drive rotation on the discharge auger. Controls located at the driver’s door.
  • Wood hanger bearings on the floor auger.
  • Front mount auger controls.
  • Automatic speed control for floor auger, based on discharge auger pressure.



SC = Std. Cube   HC = High Cube   UHC = Ultra High Cube
*Optional pin placement available.



A - Body Length 36' 40' 40.5' 45'
B - Overall Length 41' 2" 45' 2" 45' 8" 50' 2"
Kingpin to Center-of-Tandem 372"* 424"* 426"* 451"*
Compartments 8 8 9 9

*5th wheel plate to center of tandem axle.


Capacities (Cubic Feet)

Standard Cube -- 1533 1552 1726
High Cube 1479 1645 1665 1854
Ultra High Cube 1630 1813 1835 2043

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