GEN4 - High capacity feed trailer

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The next generation of feed trailer is here. Meet our newest high capacity feed trailer. The new GEN4 features a durable design that will keep you delivering feed longer and speeds up to 8,500 pounds per minute that let you deliver feed faster! Call us today at 1-888-SUDENGA to get yours ordered or to find out more.


The next generation of feed trailer is here!

Meet the GEN4, the fastest feed trailer on the market today.




Body Features

  • State of the art extruded aluminum mainframe and bottom u-trough. 
  • High strength steel suspension subframe.
  • Aluminum tank and bulkheads. One-piece, extruded top opening. (Pat. No. 6,053,552)
  • Welded, bolted and bonded structural package.
  • Aluminum tank lid with manual crank, air, or electric-over-air lid opener, or, Shur-Lok roll tarp option.
  • Air ride suspension, Midland ABS, and NHSTA bumper.
  • FEA (finite element analysis) engineered design.


Auger/Hydraulic System:

  • 12” floor auger, 16” vertical auger, 12” discharge auger.
  • Fully unobstructed horizontal gates for optimal feed flow and discharge.
  • Rear pit discharge on the floor auger.
  • Direct couple tandem pumps. Orbit type auger motors. 29 gallon reservoir with filter (with body or on wet kit.)
  • 270° worm drive rotation on the discharge auger. Controls located at the driver’s door.
  • Radio controlled auger controls.