Max Flow Side Auger - Feed Truck

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The side auger Max Flow feed truck is a versatile truck. It has a gate system designed to work with feeds that have poor flow characteristics. The auger system is designed to unload into doors, under the eaves of commodity sheds, as well as being able to reach medium height bins. It has an aluminum tank and features a faster unload rate than its sibling the steel Big Boy.

Unload speed: 2,500 pounds per minute      Capacities: 461-1,052 cubic feet


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Body Features

  • All-welded tank, base, and bulkheads.
  • One-piece full length, extruded top opening.
  • Shur-Lok roll tarp or aluminum tank lid with manual crank, air or electric-over-air opener.
  • Horizontal rack and pinion gates.
  • Replaceable floor trough. Your choice of 12 ga. steel, 7 ga. aluminum, or 10 ga. AR material.
  • High profile fenders.


Auger/Hydraulics System

  • 10” floor auger,12 cross/vertical auger, 10” discharge auger.
  • 270° discharge auger rotation. True upright vertical auger - no freewheel.
  • NXT system eliminates cross auger.
  • Wood hanger bearings on floor auger.
  • Front mount control valves.
  • Rear pit discharge on floor auger.
  • High profile fenders.
  • Direct couple tandem pumps and orbit type motors. 29 gallon reservoir.

Easy Fill bodies extend to the right for overhead and side spout loading.

SC = Standard Cube; HC = High Cube

NOTE: Height measured to top of tarp stop



A - Body Length1 12' 13.5' 16' 18' 20' 22.5' 24'
B - Overall Length 16'4" 17'10" 20'4" 22'4" 24'4" 26'10" 28'4"
Body Weight (lbs)2 5,201 5,405 5,857 6,222 6,681 6,991 7,416
Cab-to-Axle 108" 138" 120"* 144"* 186"* 180"** 180"**
Compartments 3 3 4 4 5 5 6

1 - Add 4” for external front floor auger bearing.  
2 - Body weights are approximates and will vary with options selected.   

*Cab to center of tandem.
**Cab to center of triple axle.

Cab-to-axle figures are only recommendations developed from trucks commonly used by our customers. We cannot guarantee their accuracy in all situations. Consult your truck dealer for chassis recommendations.

Truck frame ratings of 2,800K RBM per rail and18K front axles are recommended for Bodies with 15 ton capacity or larger. Air ride suspension is recommended for all tandem, triple, and quad axle chassis. Bodies mounted on tractors must fit without stretching the frame.


Capacities (cubic feet)

Easy Fill (Std. Cube) 461 518 614 691 768 864 922
Easy Fill (High Cube) 526 592 702 789 877 987 1052

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