For Sale: Sudenga Feed Trailers - Stock Units


Are you in need of a new feed transport, with a short lead time?  

Sudenga manufactures the best feed trailers on the market. Our feed transports are designed with features we know you’ll appreciate, like our industry first, front unload bulk feed trailer.


Here are just a few of the other labor-saving features that are included or can easily be added to our RTR (Ready to Roll) models:

  • LCD hand-held radio transmitter and receiver with screens. Our radios not only turn the auger system on and off and control the auger positioning functions, they can also open and close lids and turn the spotlights on and off. The LCD screens can be seen in the brightest sunshine and are backlit to be viewed on moonless nights. The operator can easily see which switches are on and which switches are off. 
  • The radio has the capability of adding features.  Examples are air-operated gates, and also new to the industry: the “HOME BUTTON, that can, with the touch of one button, bring the auger from the feed bin back to the saddle, freeing time for the operator to close bin lids and leave the appropriate delivery paperwork. 
  • Another Sudenga first is the “AUTO SHUT-OFF” feature.  The auger system stops automatically when the bin is full up to the sock, without “stuffing” the discharge auger and forcing the system into bypass. Once the augers stop, the operator raises the auger until the spout clears, restarts the discharge to empty it, and goes on to the next bin, with the previous bin full to the top. Operators don’t have to climb the bins and watch them fill, risking accidents doing so.


Sudenga’s bulk feed transports feature a durable design, lightweight aluminum bodies, and have undergone rigorous testing so we know we are delivering you a feed body that keeps you on the road doing what you are supposed to be doing - delivering feed. If you're looking for a bulk feed body that delivers; look no further than Sudenga. 

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Rear Unload Ready to Roll Feed Trailer

NOTE: Stock photo

Aluminum Big Boy Rear Unload Feed Trailer

Delivering in December, 2020 - Aluminum tank style body of .125 aluminum sides and bulk heads, an opening for a single bolt on style replacement 10” lower U-trough, 12” aluminum cross trough, 12” steel upright vertical auger, for 3000 lb./min unloading rate.  Includes 2” wood block hanger bearings on the bottom auger.

The body includes a reinforced rear ladder, rack and pinion style compartment gates, high profile fenders over each tandem, and rear pit discharge for the lower auger.  Includes HD Bumper, and one set of mud flaps.  All steel parts are painted white.

The hydraulic system includes worm drive rotation and hydraulic raise, direct couple orbit motors, and pressure gauges. 

Suspension components include 10 hole hub piloted cast Hub & Drum assembly, Hendrickson Intraax air ride suspension, Hol-land Mark V landing gear and kingpin, 22,500 lb. Freuhuaf style axles, automatic slack adjusters, Midland 1M2S Full Function ABS brakes, 30/30 spring brake, chamber, 20,000 lb. brake linings, and conspicuity tape.

Transmission PTO, wet kit, and wet kit installation is not included.

Trough: 12 gauge steel u-trough; 40’; with access door
Discharge: 10” discharge assembly; 32’ with weld on spout & flange end Top: One piece lid; 40’ dual; cam action
Lid control: Air cylinder; solenoid valve; SGL; cam action
Auger control: Lift & swing and on/off; pressure switch with automatic system shut off; used with solenoid auger on/off valves; the switch will not function when using manual overrides; multi function radio control; includes solenoid control valves for power raise and rotate and auger on/off as well as manual overrides at the rear.
Rims: 10 hole hub piloted; 22.5 X 8.25 alu. mach finish
Tires: 11R-22.5 16 PLY (6393 lbs. cap. / tire @ 116 psi); ball valve w/ fittings for quick dump of air bags.
Hose support: Swinging hose support for front of trailer.
Deflector kit: Feed deflector kit, for circle gussets at the center and ends of an 8 compt. trailer
Clearance lighting package: LED light assembly with harness
Spotlights: Spotlight with wire and switch mounted on the trailer; additional spotlights, wired to the same switch;  maximum of three lights per switch; Super bright LED lights for the discharge and rear of the trailer.

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