Phase Conversion Panels

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Single to three phase conversion for grain bins. Convert 230 or 480 volt single phase to 230 or 480 volt three phase. Able to withstand northern winters and southern summers as well as the conditions on a typical midwest farm, like dust, heat, UV sun, rain, snow, freezing, etc

  • Sizes available up to 100 HP with 230 V or 75 HP with 480 V for drag chain, legs and other higher HP scenarios.
  • NEMA 3R outdoor enclosure with rainhood
  • Temperature controlled enclosure
  • Circuit breaker disconnect with door interlock
  • Individual motor starters/overloads
  • Fan - Auger selector switch
  • Infinitely variable speed control
  • UL approved
  • Optional remote start/stop away from the panel



Single to 3 phase made easy by Sudenga:

Soft Start the Motor

  •  - Up to $40/HP rebate from participating electrical providers. Customer is responsible for contacting local provider

  •  - Result: Easier on your machinery and components  (belts, gear boxes, sheaves, bearings etc.) 

  •  - Not only will the motor last longer, you will reduce energy and save money from your utility company.

Speed Control

  •  - Another benefit is the ability to control the speed of your motor.

  •  - Slow down augers, fans and conveyors to optimize your system.
       Did you know if a fan is slowed down 10% it saves 28% in energy costs!

  •  - E-motors are able to make full rated HP with this type of converter.


Simple installation. Site electrician just has to take panel, give it incoming power and connect it to the motor.

NOTE: Mounting feet included. More bracketry may be needed.