Batch Controllers

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Automate an entire feed processing system all the way from grinding, to mixing, and inclusion of micro ingredients, all with a control panel. Sudenga batching software runs directly from a desktop PC running the latest Microsoft operating system.



SI-2100 Batch Controller

 Control virtually any mill configuration, new or existing

Interface with 3rd party mill management/accounting programs

OPC compliant


Standard Features


Batch Controller with Monitor

Windows 10 operating systems

Ethernet communications allow access from other computers

Total hard wired manual backup

Dual hard drives using RAID 1 provide maximum data security


Computa-Batch Process Screen

Real time batch monitoring

All screen objects can be selected to view/edit parameters, run diagnostic tests, load vehicles, and select formulas

Technical assistance/upgrades using internet

Computa-Batch Manager Screen

Create and send feed orders to batching controller

Generate reports (history, parameters, etc.)

Download data to 3rd party accounting software

List formulas for release to batching controller

Display ingredients and error messages

Ingredient inventory, grain bank and lot tracking


Group History Screen

Tailor reports to specific parameters being monitored


Group Maintenance Screen

Enter group parameters

Select location and customer feed tracking

Create phase list

Batch by group



MT-2000 Batch Controller


Standard Features



Easy to use alpha numeric keys; allows the operator to enter descriptions for formulas and ingredients



Large 4.6" x 3.4" LCD graphic display



Over 150 formulas; formula usage; cumulative usage by ingredient; ingredient inventory; up to 200 groups; group history; up to 100 locations; location history


Incoming Ingredients

Up to 20 incoming ingredients; 8 ingredients are standard


Load out Locations

Up to 8 load out locations; 2 load outs are standard


Bin Monitoring

Batching system monitors finished feed bins, shutting the system down when the bins are full



Utilizes NTEP approved load cells and scale indicator





80 column serial printer