Bulk Feed Transport Options

Sudenga offers a wide variety of options and accessories for our trucks and trailers that allow you to maximize efficiency and build the bulk body you've always wanted. Don't just buy any bulk body...buy one built for you. Contact us today to discuss your feed truck and trailer needs.

Below you can find the options portion of our catalog as well as videos of some of the bulk feed tranport options.

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Options Catalog

View the options portion of the catalog here.

View the entire bulk feed transport catalog here.



Options Video

Have a specific option you are looking for? Search through the indiviual videos here.


Options List

  • Disinfectant system for tires

Quickly clean and disinfect your tires between sites with a push of a button.
Available on all models

  • Flush tank

Clean out the auger system between delivery sites with the 100 to 500 pound capacity flush tank.
Available on all models

  • Hand held radio control

Includes spotlight, lid control, and auto shut off if options are ordered. Has a magnetic back for easy handling.
Available on all models

  • Compartment spacing

Equal or unequal
Available on all models

  • Heavy duty bumper

All lights are grommet mounted on the bumper to reduce vibration.
Available on all models.

  • Solenoid auger on/off

Not sold as a separate item on trailers, but with solenoid lift and swing

  • Solenoid lift and swing

Not sold as a separate item on trailers but with solenoid auger on/off

  • 12 VDC live power

Available on all models

  • Auto shut-off

Will not work with mailbox spout

  • Front or rear mounted manual valves

Limited to steel bodies excluding the auger wagon and G-300

  • Standfast TRAM fall restraint system

The TRAM Fall Restraint System protects your drivers and mechanics from falling while working on top of  feed bodies and trailers. The TRAM arm travels the length of the body on a rail system. The operator wears a harness which is connected to the arm. The operator pushes the arm and uses it for added stability while walking along the top of the body.
Many insurance companies offer reduced premiums for businesses using the TRAM system.

  • Auger cameraSaveSave

Camera mounted near the discharge auger with in-cab monitor.
Available on all models

  • Galvanized auger tubes

Available on all models

  • Reservoir heaters

Available on all models

  • Front mounted ladder

Gain access to the ladder closer to the auger on Sudenga's front unload trailers.

  • Fold-down side catwalk

Attached to the existing catwalk, the fold-down catwalk doubles the width of the walkway. It folds in half for transport.
Available on steel bodies with side catwalks.

  • Side curtains

Side curtains on the fenders keep bagged feed in place on rough roads. The curved design reduces wind effect and increases curtain life while keeping bags dry.
Available on all bodies.

  • 3 cover styles available

One-Piece Lid
One-piece extruded aluminum lids are manual, air, or hydraulic powered. Corner gussets around the openings prevent cracking, common in aluminum bodies.
Available on all bodies, excluding side auger Max Flows.

Roll tarp
The Shur-Lok design allows ground control for opening and closing the tarp while providing a virtually water tight seal when closed.
Available on all models.

Fitted tarp
Steel body models only

  • Hydraulic gates

Limited to T series, Big Boy series, and ST series with clam shell style gates

  • Air operated gates

Limited to steel and aluminum bodies with rack and pinion gates, excluding Max Flows.

  • Feed deflectors

Helps reduce top opening corner feed hang up 
Aluminum bodies only

  • Body graphics

Available on trailers and bodies 14' and over.

  • Auger colors other than white

Available at no extra charge
Steel bodies only, excluding G-300 series, ST series (10-8 auger system), and auger wagons

  • Various discharge lengths to suit your needs

Lengths of 14' to 34' available, depending on model chosen

  • Clam shell or rack and pinion gates

Double seal gate system has patented guides, making gates track straight without binding.
Optional on steel "T" Series bodies, steel Big Boy series bodies, and steel ST Series bodies with 12-10 auger system.

  • Aluminum slides on rack and pinion gates

Not available on Max Flo bodies

  • LED spotlights

Also available with incandescent or clearance lights
Available on all models

  • Auto lube feature

The Auto lube feature eliminates the need for manual greasing. Not only are all the repetitive necessary lube points greased, but they are greased in a continuous manner. The goal is less time spent on maintenance and less equipment repairs needed. Both goals are reached.

  • Aluminum “post style” landing gear

Available on trailers only

  • Valve for quick dump of air bags

​Available on trailers only

  • Additional axles 

Available as non-lift or lift (steerable or non-steer). Additional lift axles (steer or non-steer) can be placed in a pusher or a tag position.
​Available on trailers only

  • Auto tire inflation system and trailer roll stability system

​Available on trailers only

  • Hubodometer

​Available on trailers only

  • Rim Styles

Steel, aluminum or aluminum rims with a super single option
​Available on trailers only

  • Tow bar or tow hooks

​Available on trailers only

  • Wet kits

With reservoir on the nose of the trailer or with reservoir on the tractor (on or above the frame)
​Available on trailers only

  • Swivel hose support

Swivel hose support holds the hydraulic hoses in position when turning.
​Available on trailers only

  • Plastic fenders

​Available on trailers only