Fertilizer Handling

Have lots of fertilizer to move? Check out Sudenga's belt conveyor and railcar unloading hopper that are designed specifically for fertilizer applications. Sudenga offers unique, economical fertilizer handling solutions.


  • Railcar Unloading Hopper

    Railcar Unloading Hopper

    Need to move fertilizer fast? The railcar unloading hopper has tons of experience with just that.

    The Ox FH-500 and FH-510 Railcar Unloading Hopper  can unload granulated fertilizer from hopper bottom cars  at speeds up to 40 TPH. Its low-profile leaves plenty of clearance and its well-balanced design makes it easy to maneuver. It’s rough, it’s rugged, and its special corrosion resistant paint makes this one tough hopper.

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  • Fertilizer Belt Conveyor

    Fertilizer Belt Conveyor

    Have a few tons of fertilizer to move? The Ox Fertilizer Belt Convyor is ready for the challenge.

    The Ox Fertilizer Belt Conveyor is available in lengths from 25 to 75 feet. With its’ 12-inch tube and its’ 14-inch belt it can move fertilizer quickly. The feeder hopper is also available in several lengths so it can easily be tailored for your setup. Summon your ox, it’s ready to get to work.

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