Grain Bin Augers & Sweeps

Field tested and proven to perform. From high capacity u-trough power sweeps to simple under floor tube and auger systems, Sudenga sets the standard in bin unloading systems. Specify Sudenga for your next bin sweep. Contact us today to learn more or find a dealer near you.

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  • Commercial Grain Bin Sweeps

    Commercial Grain Bin Sweeps

    Sudenga Max Commercial Grain Bin and Silo Sweeps are engineered for the toughest commercial applications. We are the industry leader in the field of flat bottom bin and silo grain reclamation and offer solutions to storage problems.

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  • 12” U-Trough Power Sweep - 10,000 BPH

    12” U-Trough Power Sweep - 10,000 BPH

    Sudenga's 12" U-Trough Power Sweep is the only bin or silo sweep of its kind designed to install in a 13" grain bin or silo drying floor while handling up to 10,000 bushels per hour.

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  • 10” U-Trough Power Sweep

    10” U-Trough Power Sweep

    A power sweep with high capacities and long-run durability. Sudenga 10" u-trough power sweeps set the standard for innovation in bin and silo unloading systems. Consistent capacities to 6000 bushels per hour for bins to 80 feet in diameter.

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  • Power Sweep, Round Tube (8”, 10”)

    Power Sweep, Round Tube (8”, 10”)

    Available for bins or silos to 61' 10" (8") and 80' 5" (10").

    Standard features include heavy duty gearboxes, galvanized underbin tube and a sweep backshield designed to stay straight in the toughest conditions. Our sweeps are designed for trouble-free installation for the bin or silo erector, long term reliability and easy ongoing maintenance. Installs in dryer floor or concrete floors with a trench.

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  • Sweep Auger

    Sweep Auger

    Available for 6", 8", and 10" underbin systems for bins up to 49'-6" in diameter. Removable sweeps can be used in multiple bins with different extension configurations. Make easy work of cleaning your bins with a Sudenga bin sweep.

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  • Under Bin Systems

    Under Bin Systems

    Underbin systems are available in diameters of 6", 8", and 10". Systems are shipped complete with center and intermediate sumps, control rods, and bin wall plates. Concrete and dryer floor applications both are available. (Dryer floor system shown)

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  • Unloading Heads

    Unloading Heads

    Designed for ease for convenience and durability. Sleeve mount or flange mount styles available. All include the tube, flight, motor mount, belt(s), belt guard, pulley(s), and connector shafts.

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  • Bin Roof Auger

    Bin Roof Auger

    Roof augers are a great way to fill a taller bin with a shorter portable auger.  6, 8 and 10" standard. 12" quoted to specifications.  For bins from 18' to 60' in diameter. 

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  • Hopper Bin Unloading Auger

    Hopper Bin Unloading Auger

    The convenient way to unload your hopper bottom bin or silo. Fits most popular sizes of hopper tanks. Sudenga hopper bin unloading augers are simply proven to perform.

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