Round Tube Power Sweep

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Sudenga's legendary Posi-Shift 8" and 10" round tube power sweeps are available for bins or silos to 61' 10" (8") and 80' 5" (10"). Standard features include heavy duty gearboxes, galvanized underbin tube and a  sweep backshield designed to stay straight in the toughest conditions.  Sudenga Posi-Shift sweeps are designed for trouble-free installation for the bin or silo erector, and long term reliability and easy ongoing maintenance for the owner.


Standard Features = More For Your Money

8" and 10" diameter underbin tube systems available.

8" systems available for bins from 18' to 61' 10" diameter.

10" systems available for bins from 30' to 80' 5" diameter.

Capacities: 8" - 2400 BPH (Horizontal head), 10" - 5500 BPH (Horizontal head)

4:1 Reduction Drive End Wheel or 16:1 Reduction Drive End Wheel (size of bin/sweep determines standard wheel arrangement.  Wheel is sized for the job!)

Heavy-duty internally engaged Posi-Shift gearboxes with 1-1/4" diameter shafts.

Installs in dryer floor or concrete floors with a trench.

Removable top flange on intermediate sumps

Durable oil impregnated wood block hanger bearings on sweep flight extensions

Rack and pinion control for center sump gate

Galvanized underbin tube and sump controls

Nylon rollers and slides for all sump gates

Compare out standard auger flight thicknesses to others on the market.

Power sweep systems are shipped complete with center and intermediate sumps, reduction drive wheel, bin wall plate, and control rods. Intermediate sump holes are pre-cut in the tube.


Enclosed Sweep Start-up Controls

The engagement system for the sweep is inside the lower gearbox, operating in an oil-bath. 1-1/4" shafts throughout. A split cover on the sump provides easy access to lower gearbox. This feature provides protection from grain and dust contamination.

Intermediate Sump

Factory installed on the underbin tube. Adjustable tops for uneven bin floors. Nylon gate slides for smooth, positive operation.

Center Sump

The sweep engagement is inside the lower gearbox. Nylon rollers offer smooth, positive gate operation. A large opening means less plugging. Low profile design allows 13" floor supports. It is a double gearbox type.

Sweep Carrier

Standard on sweeps for bins 54' diameter and larger. The extra wide rubber wheel helps spread the weight loading on bin floors.



Auger Diameter Tube Ga. Flight Flight Pipe OD-ID
8" 14 3/16" 2-1/2" - 1-1/2"
10" 12 1/4" 2-7/8" - 2"1
12"2 12 1/4" 2-7/8" - 2"1

1 Collared down to 1-1/2" ID.

2 Applies to outside 12" inclined unloader only.



Bin Unloaders

Standard Features

8" underbin augers have sleeve mounts for the unloading auger

10" underbin augers have bolted flange mounts for unloading auger

3 styles: horizontal heads, 27° incline unloaders, or vertical unloaders

Horizontal Heads

Quick detach motor mount; belt tension system

27° Inclined Unloaders

5' or 7' lengths; hanger bearings and CV joint at the horizontal-to-incline flight transition provides a smooth connection and industry leading durability.

Vertical Unloaders

16' lengths; single and double drives


Capacities (approximate)
Auger Type  Transitions (underbin to ouside auger)
8"-8" 8"-10" 10"-10" 10"-12"
Horizontal 2400 -- 5500 --
Vertical -- 2400 -- 4500
Inclined -- 2000 -- 4700


8" power sweep with clean floor attachment in a 30' grain bin

Video of the optional Clean Floor attachment kit running on an 8" Sudenga Posi-Shift sweep.