12” U-Trough Power Sweep - 10,000 BPH

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Sudenga's 12" U-Trough Power Sweep is the only bin or silo sweep of its kind designed to install in a 13" grain bin drying floor while handling up to 10,000 bushels per hour.


Sudenga leads the way in grain bin and silo power sweep technology. Industry leading design and innovation ensures ease of installation in your grain bin while providing reliable high-performance in the long-term. Our 12" galvanized U-trough capable of up to 10,000 bushels per hour unloading rates. Sudenga's U-trough power sweep is designed to be flush mounted in a typical 13" grain bin drying floor reducing floor support costs while still providing high performance. 


  • Internal Sweep Clutch

  • Reinforced galvanized sweep backshield for one-pass sweep operation

  • Up to 80 ft. bin diameters. Bin wall heights to 80 ft. 10,000 bu./hr. unloading*  
    *Capacity is for dry corn with underbin auger running only.  Capacity is reduced when sweep is in operation.

  • Center and intermediate sump gates ride on steel ball bearings for smooth operation

  • 10 ga. galvanized trough sections

  • Big capacities in bins with 13" floors. Inlets are flush with the trough cover - no extra depth created by protruding sump hats.

  • Gentle material handling: the Sweep flighting is the same diameter as the underbin flight, allowing the sweep to operate at reduced RPM, treating the grain more gently.

  • Spiral end wheel: Rotation speed is based on bin size. Matching wheel speed to bin size minimizes wheel spin and extends wheel life.

  • Rack & Pinion: Sump gate opener with 4 gate controls

  • All Control Rods are located inside the U-Trough.

  • Clean Sweep: Clean Sweep is standard on all 12" Sweeps. These bristles drastically reduce the amount of grain left behind.

  • Horizontal Head with double bearings

  • Wood Hanger Bearings: Bearings are placed at the sumps for easy access. Flightings and hanger bearings can be removed as a unit, while the bin is full. Bearings are self-seating.

  • Center Sump: Steel ball bearings provide easy gate movement. If the Center Sump plugs during the first phase of emptying the bin, the Intermediate Sump nearest the Center Sump can be opened by turning the control halfway, providing a "near center" drain point.  The remaining Intermediate Sumps can then be opened to uncover the sweep auger.

  • Intermediate Sumps: Gates open/close easily on steel ball bearings.

  • Spiral End Wheel: Standard on all Sweeps. Wheel rotation speed is based on bin size.  Matching wheel speed to bin size minimizes wheel spin and extends wheel life.  Spiral Wheels have 85% more traction and 3 times the work life of standard wheels.  The foot is self-cleaning and the backshield cleans close to the bin wall.

  • Horizontal Unloading Auger: Motor mount design simplifies motor installation and belt tensioning.  Motor remains attacted when flighting is removed.  Accepts motors to 50 HP.

  • UMHW Bearing: MInimizes vertical shaft loading.

  • Heavy Duty Double Gearbox Sweep Drive: Internally controlled engage/disengagement for the sweep auger.  The gearboxes are oil-bath types with 1-1/4" shafting.

  • Sweep Stop: Limits the sweep to one revolution.  Swings back, allowing the Sweep to move forward over the sumps before filling the bin.

  • Rack & Pinion Gate Opener - Smooth, positive control for opening and closing gates.

  • Specifications  Flight Dia.  11-1/4"   Trough 10 ga.   Flighting 1/4" ga.  Flight Pipe OD-ID 2-7/8" - 2-5/8"  * Collared down to 1-1/2" ID

  • Sudenga power sweeps are available for bins to 80 feet in diameter.  The floor sweep auger is the same diameter as the underbin auger, allowing the sweep to operate at reduced RPM, treating the grain more gently.


Sudenga U-Trough Power Sweeps feature:

  • Standard rack and pinion gate openers
  • Generously sized center and intermediate gates promote maximum trough fill.
  • "Posi"tive internally engaged gearboxes with heavy-duty shafts
  • Trough mounted hanger bearings provide quiet operation and improve long term wear resistance.  Bearings are designed for access through floor sumps, or can be removed from outside the bin with the auger flighting even if the bin is full!
  • Spiral Reduction End Wheel - Direct 1:1 drive for bins 24’ to 37’-1”. 4:1 reduction in bins from 40’-3” to 72’. 16:1 ratio in bins 74’ to 80’-5”.  Replaceable tread has 85% more traction and 3 times the work life of standard wheels. Self cleaning spirals leave less grain along the bin wall!
  • Clean Sweep Option - Bristles on backshield drastically reduce manual sweeping during bin unloading. Backshield for wheel cleans close to wall.
  • 12" U-Trough Power Sweeps available with straight out our heavy-duty 27° Incline power heads.
  • Reinforced Galvanized Sweep Backshield for one-pass sweep operation. (In approved single pass grain bins)