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A zero entry sweep for grain bins to 150+ feet in diameter. The Sudenga Extend-A-Sweep is the most innovative commercial bin sweep on the market today. Core the bin on the first pass and sweep extends to the wall on the second pass. Extending sweep can even sweep square or rectangular floors.



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A completely new way to empty large bins. On the first pass, the Extend-A-Sweep is fully retracted, leaving a consistent amount of grain around the bin to maintain even pressure on the walls. As the second pass starts, the extension moves out. Within approximately 60° of rotation, the sweep is fully extended; another pass empties the bin. For flat storage operation, the Extend-A-Sweep starts its 180° arc extending out as the pivot-to-wall distance increases. As the Extend-A-Sweep passes the corner and the distance shortens, the sweep retracts. Close contact with the wall is maintained at all times.


Standard Features

► Commercial duty for bins to 156 ft.

► Above-floor slip ring

► Rack & pinion extension drive

► Cable track to protect power cables

► Totally enclosed, direct drive "C" face motor

► Push Tractor

► Flighting

16" diameter flighting, 5/16" thick on 4" pipe (bushed down to 3"); two-piece, oil impregnated wood block hanger bearings

► Frame

Triangulated tower with 1/4" thick galvanized back shield; sweep design reduces grain weight pressure on sweep, concentrating it on the floor

► Motor/Drive

Direct drive "C" face couple motor (no belts and pulleys); explosion proof motor required; oil bath gear reduction drive units

► Push Tractor

Twin 27" diameter tires driven by a direct drive "C" face couple motor and dual chain reduction; weight bracket allows extra weight for added traction; load sensor stops the wheels when the sweep is driven into grain and then resumes movement when the grain is cleared, eliminating wheel spin; auto reverse backs the sweep out of grain when necessary

►Extension Drive

Oil bath gear reduction drive with direct couple "C" face motor; rack  & pinion positive drive

An above floor slip ring means there are no cords to unwind and allows for convenient maintenance.

The rack and pinion extension drive provides positive outward movement for the extension auger. A totally enclosed, direct drive "C" face motor powers the extension system.

A cable track protects the power cables to the extension auger drive during the extension process. Wiring conduit provided by installer.

Sweep and extension system are built to withstand the rigors of heavy-duty commercial use.

A totally enclosed, direct drive "C" face motor powers the basic extension flightings.

Holes on top of sweep allow the weight of the grain to be concentrated on the bin floor, not the sweep auger, when the bin is full.

Grain being conveyed by the extension auger is pushed to the basic auger by a paddle. The basic then carries the grain to the sump.

The push tractor creates positive forward movement through the grain. Extra weights can be added for extra traction.


Patents apply: www.sudenga.com/about-us/patented-products