Container Loaders

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Load shipping containers quickly and easily with container loaders from Sudenga Industries. Available in portable or stationary configurations, Sudenga Container Loaders are available for 20' and 40' containers. Ideal for loading grain or any other free-flowing commodity.  


Auger or belt style conveyors are available to fill 20' and 40' shipping containers with grain, DDG's or other free-flowing material.  

Stationary or portable units with a variety of inlet hopper configurations are customized to your specifications.  

Auger fill, loader fill, or even ground level belt or auger hoppers can be added to fit your loading and unloading needs.  

12" diameter tube belt conveyor features a 14" wide belt which can achieve a variety of capacities. 12" and 14" tube augers are a popular, but economical configuration choice. A variety of capacities are available with this option as well.

Conveyor support structure features left to right and up and down adjustment.

Electric drive

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