Drive Over Hopper

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Don’t tell the Ox it looks handsome. The Drive Over Hopper is here to unload grain, not win a fashion show.

The Ox Drive Over Hopper is available with electric or hydraulic drive options. It unloads at rates up to 7,500 BPH, but it keeps a low profile (9¾" high). Durable drag chain conveyor. Heavy duty, spring assisted ramps. Easy to set up. Easy to knock down. It is really something to behold. But don’t tell it that.





Fast, convenient unloading from straight trucks, semis and gravity wagons!


Capacities: 3500, 5000, or 7500 BPH

Deck Height: 9¾"

Available in either electric or hydraulic power: Hydraulic drive uses Char-Lynn “H” Series 6.2 CID motor. Electric drive includes belt guards, shaft covers, and jackshaft double reduction

10 ga. construction

Heavy D81X chain with reinforced UHMW paddles

Rubber belting around center dump opening

Separate inlets for gravity wagons and hopper trailer

Straight, tapered, or flanged discharge openings; 10" x 16¾" standard discharge opening



Manual or hydraulic transport raise options; ramps feature spring-assist for easy set up and knock down

Removable hitch

Hitch jack



36" x 48" center dump for trucks and trailers

24" x 36" side dump for gravity  wagons (side dump folds down to cover the grate when not in use)



  Standard Incline 36" Extension 48" Extension 60" Extension
A 17'3" 19'6" 20'2" 20'10"
B 11'10" 13'11" 14'8" 15'4"
C 39.2" 65" 73.7" 82.5"
D 26.9" 51.9" 60" 68.5"
E 48" 72.7" 81" 89.3"



Speed control valve kit: hydraulic drive

Hydraulically operated transport

Discharge neck extensions in 36", 48" and 60" lengths




Video of Sudenga Drive Over in use in Australia.

They utilize a lot of end dump style trailers in Australia.