Drive Over Hopper 125

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Big, fast and portable. Careful, the neighbors are bound to stare.
The Portable Drive Over Hopper 125 (PDOH 125) is ready to get to work.

Unload grain from trucks and trailers quickly and easily with the bigger, badder brother to Sudenga’s popular original
drive over. The Ox Portable Drive Over Hopper 125 is a low profile portable grain hopper that can unload at up to 12,500 BPH. Drive over with virtually any standard grain trailer, truck or wagon.






Fast, convenient unloading from straight trucks, semis and gravity wagons! Proven low-profile design. Durable drag chain conveyor format. 



Hydraulic power
10 ga. construction
Heavy double D81X chain with reinforced UHMW paddles
Rubber belting around center dump opening
Separate inlets for gravity wagons and hopper trailer
Straight, tapered, or flanged discharge openings; 14" x 40" standard discharge opening.
Optimized axle placement for reduced tongue weight



Capacities: 10,000 or 12,500 BPH

Deck Height: 9¾"

Transport: Hydraulic transport raise options; ramps feature spring-assist for easy set up and knock down. Removable hitch. Hitch jack

Hoppers: 45" x 45" center dump for trucks and trailers. 24" x 40" side dump for gravity wagons (side dump folds down to cover the grate when not in use)

Tractor Hydraulic Requirements: 18 GPM at 2,000 PSI

  Standard Incline 3' Extension 4' Extension 5' Extension 6' Extension
A 18'6" 20'7" 21'4" 22' 22'9"
B 12'5" 14'6" 15'3" 18'9" 16'8"
C 4' 6'1" 6'10" 7'6" 8'3"
D* 3'2" 5'3" 6' 6'8" 7'5"
E 4'9" 6'10" 7'7" 8'3" 9'

*Optional 14" square spout will reduce by 1'4"




Speed control valve kit: hydraulic drive
Discharge neck extensions in 3', 4', 5' and 6' lengths
Flanged square spout 14"
Hitch jack
Wagon hopper dump





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