Hopper Rotate (Electric or Hydraulic)

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Effortless positioning for swing-around hoppers on hi-efficiency augers.


Electric Drive with manual switch and RC operation, or Hydraulic Drive. 

Radio Control transmitter lets you position the wagon and the swinging hopper from the tractor seat - a real one-man operation.

The drive wheels are aligned with the hopper swing arc, minimizing ruts and keeping the work area in good condition longer.

Adjustable wheel plates let you raise the hopper to minimize spillage, or lower it for extra clearance under low unloading hoppers.

Semi-pneumatic tires provide good traction when the work area gets slippery.

Drives can be mounted either side of the hopper.

Available for 10” augers with single and twin screw hoppers, and 12” augers with twin screw hoppers. 

Power Rotate systems will also retrofit your existing swing-around hopper.