20,000 BPH Ultra Scoop

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Pick up millions of bushels of grain fast with Sudenga's 20,000 BPH Ultra Scoop. Loads a typical grain trailer from your flat storage pile in as little as 3 minutes. Fits most tractors. Recommended mounting on 150 HP tractors and up.

The Ultra Scoop from Sudenga features a 16 foot by 16 inch horizontal pick up auger with a six foot detachable wing. The 40 foot inclined chain conveyor has abrasion-resistant liners and heavy-duty chain to ensure long life and wear characteristics. The three-wheel transport provides an exceptionally low transport height.



20,000 BPH

16' x 16" diameter horizontal pick up auger

6' detachable wing

Folds for legal highway transport

Scoop Blade

Heavy-duty 5/16" thick flighting, 16 ft. long

Inclined Conveyor

22" x 27" galvanized conveyor; abrasion-resistant liners; hydraulic directional spout; heavy-duty chain


Heavy three-wheeled transport

Ultra Scoop Weight

15,500 lbs.

Tractor Specifications

Fits most late model tractors with 150 HP or more; 1000 RPM PTO

The distance from the 3-point hitch pins to the leading edge of front tires can be up to 18 ft, maximum.

The distance from the center of PTO shaft to the end of the outside axle can be up to 5 ft, maximum.



Conveyor Elevations


Minimum 12°


Maximum 36° (shown)

A- Overall Height 12'-7" 21' -2" 30'-3"
B- Discharge Height -- 14'-1" - 10' 25' - 20'-2"
C- Discharge Reach -- 27'-5" - 23'-3" 23'-7" - 20'-5"
D- Secondary Height -- 10'-10" 16'-10"
E- Overall Length 50'-3" 53'-9" - 49'-8" 49'-5" - 46'-3"

Where two dimensions are given at 23° and 36°, the first is with the spout raised (as shown).
The second is with the spout at the lowest angle.
With the minimum 12°, the overall length is with the spout rotated back under the conveyor.



“I have run over 85 million bushels and counting through it. The Ultra Scoop has not only impressed me, but my customers as well, with the speed in which we can pick up grain."

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The Ultra Scoop from Sudenga in action.

Video of our 20,000 bph Ultra Scoop in action!

Video the intake auger on the Ultra Scoop.