Utility Augers & Bulk Tank Augers

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Utility augers can be temporarily/permanently installed or moved around with an optional transport. Bulk tank augers fit most boots with little or no fabrication.
See round tube augers for heavy duty auger applications.



Auger Tube Flight Flight Pipe Auger Pulley Furnished Motor Pulley Required*
4" 20 ga. 12 ga. 1" OD 8" OD BS30
6" 16 ga. 10 ga. 1" OD 12" OD BS30
8" 14 ga. 3/16" 1-1/2" OD 12" OD BS30 (two)




4” and 6” auger tubes are galvanized

8” tubes are painted

6" augers available in lengths up to 41 feet

8" augers available in lengths up to 51 feet


Utility auger standard orders include the head, motor mount, auger pulley, belt(s), belt guard, and cage intake guard. 8” augers include a stub shaft and bearing at the intake. 8” augers require two BS30 motor pulleys. Extension augers include a connector shaft and sleeve. Order accessories as needed. Illustration below is show with the optional transport.




Bulk Tank standard orders include the motor mount, auger pulley, belt(s), and belt guard. Bulk tank augers have exposed flighting at the intake that extends into the tank boot. If the auger will be used in a situation where the flighting will be exposed, a cage intake guard from the accessories must be used. See accessories for 45° spouts and flex spout. Illustration below is shown with an optional 90 degree spout.


Accessories and Options

Cage Intake Guard


45 Degree Spout

90 Degree Spout

Metal Hopper

Galvanized Flex Spout

Connector Shaft and Sleeve





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