Seed Handling Equipment

Move bulk seed quickly and gently with Sudenga's line of seed handling equipment. From gravity wagons to belt conveyors, belt hoppers, load out tanks and more, Sudenga is here for all your seed handling equipment needs. 


  • BOS II - Seed Box Opening System

    BOS II - Seed Box Opening System

    Emptying seed boxes and filling seed tenders or planters can easily be a one-man job with the remote controled BOS II.

    “Built to Work” - Designed with the commercial seed operation in mind. The BOS II is great for anyone that doesn’t want to climb a ladder to open a seed box gate. Work safer by staying on the ground. With the BOS II there is no need to get out of the forklift or skid loader when the box is in the air. Stay out of the treated seed dust too.

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  • Gravity Wagon Belt Conveyor

    Gravity Wagon Belt Conveyor

    Feed the Ox. The gravity wagon belt conveyor is hungry.

    The Gravity Wagon Belt Conveyor can fill a three-bushel planter box in 12 seconds. Its 6" conveyor tube and 9" cleated belting give you a positive flow. And since its transfer hopper fits many wagons and seed transports, this Ox is ready to get to work.

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  • Gravity Wagon Auger

    Gravity Wagon Auger

    This ain’t no show pony. The Ox gravity wagon auger is here to work.

    The Ox Gravity Wagon Augers come with a hydraulic motor, control valve with remote rope control, and spring-loaded shut-off. Its universal mount fits many wagons and seed transports, and you can choose between poly cup or bristle flighting. Build it however you’d like. Just don’t keep Ox waiting.

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  • 12” Seed Belt Conveyor

    12” Seed Belt Conveyor

    Have a few tons of seed to move? 

    You can build the Ox 12” Seed Belt Conveyor up to 70'. It’s designed for rapid, gentle transfer of seed, because its 12" tube and 14" belt produce large capacities while avoiding seed damage. But don’t let its gentle nature fool you, the Ox isn’t afraid to get down and dirty.

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  • 8” Seed Belt Conveyor

    8” Seed Belt Conveyor

    Ready to move a few thousand bushels of seed? 

    The Ox is built for flexibility, ranging from 17-to-32-feet with either steel or collapsible intakes. Just because it’s a midsize conveyor, doesn’t mean you’ll sacrifice efficiency, because the Ox 8” Seed Belt Conveyor can move 2,000 bushels per hour. All in a day’s work for Ox.

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  • Undercar Belt Hopper

    Undercar Belt Hopper

    Need for seed. Put the Ox undercar belt hopper to work.

    The Ox Undercar Belt Hopper is designed to move seed from low clearance hopper bottom trailers, trucks or wagons. Its transport winches up, allowing the hopper to be swung easily. You’ll be tempted to march it in the big parade, but you should probably just let it get to work. No fuss.

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  • TD-Portable Seed Augers

    TD-Portable Seed Augers

    Versatile, gentle and economical.

    The TD-Seed Series portable augers are a great choice for handling a variety of seed and other commodities. A solid choice for use as a seed treatment auger.

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  • Horizontal Belt Conveyors

    Horizontal Belt Conveyors

    Fast loading from hopper tanks. Perfect for return from hopper bottom bins. 

    Horizontal Belt Conveyors are engineered for gentle handling of valuable seed and other bulk materials at speeds of up to 5000 cfh. They can be mounted on stands or suspended from hopper bins.

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  • Bulk Seed Loadout Tank

    Bulk Seed Loadout Tank

    Fill wagons and trucks from indoors. Only 6' of lift required to position seed bags.

    Store up to 2,500 pounds of bulk seed indoors and gently convey into trucks or wagons. This hopper incorporates a clever upper grid structure so bulk seed bags or boxes can be placed above the hopper and be gravity fed into the tank to stage the next batch while the hopper is unloading.

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  • Weigh Hopper / Holding Tank

    Weigh Hopper / Holding Tank

    Ideal for temporary storage of bulk seed.

    Weigh hoppers, or seed holding tanks, can be equipped with, or without scales and are available in capacities of 200, 250 and 300 bushels. Standard units are extremely versatile and fit a number of configuration challenges. Legs are extendable. Hoppers can be equipped with sight glasses and ladders as necessary.

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  • Steel Core Bristle Flight

    Steel Core Bristle Flight

    Decreases seed damage while maintaining high capacities.

    The steel core center keeps the material moving, while nylon bristles provide a gentle flexing action at the flight edge where damage normally occurs. Steel core bristle flighting replaces conventional all-steel flighting conveying seed or grain in bin unloading augers, drill fill augers, gravity wagon augers, etc.

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