Gravity Wagon Belt Conveyor

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Feed the Ox. The gravity wagon belt conveyor is hungry.

The Gravity Wagon Belt Conveyor can fill a three-bushel planter box in 12 seconds. Its 6” conveyor tube and 9” cleated belting give you a positive flow. And since its transfer hopper fits many wagons and seed transports, this Ox is ready to get to work.




For the ultimate in gentle seed handling to your planter or drill, use a belt conveyor. This belt conveyor lets you use virtually any gravity wagon, meaning cost of ownership is minimal compared to a dedicated seed tender. Cleated belt drastically reduces fallback, a common problem with flat top belts. Shown above with optional three-piece telescoping spout.



Universal hopper fits many gravity wagons and seed trans-ports.
Simple operation. Pull the rope to start the auger and release to stop.
Conveyor swings left to right and raises/lowers for ease of use.
Easy installation and removal.
Cleated belting: very effective for conveying seed. (The cleat pattern minimizes “fall back”).
Control valve: a spring loaded shut-off with remote rope control for start/stop operation from the discharge end.



Capacities: 875 BPH at 400 FPM belt speed*. Fills a 3 bushel planter box in 12 seconds.
Conveyor Lengths: 6” conveyors available in 16’ and 18’ lengths.
Conveyor Tube: Galvanized welded tube. Galvanized wind skirt for belting return.
Cleated Belting: 9” cleated PVC belt (patented).  1” cleats on 6” centers. Lagged top pulley.
Conveyor Drive: Char-Lynn 6.2 CID hydraulic motor; control valve with remote rope control for discharge end operation, and spring loaded shut-off.
Transfer Boot: Several sizes to fit many gravity wagons and seed trans-ports. Designed for easy installation and removal.
*400 FPM is the seed industry recommended maximum belt speed.



Solenoid valve control: Remote conveyor operation. Eliminates constant rope tension required for auger operation.
Hydraulic power kit: 8 HP gas engine. 9 GPM hydraulic pump. Manual or electric start.
4’ urethane spout
Three-piece telescoping spout (to 15½’)




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