Horizontal Belt Conveyors

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Fast, convenient loading from hopper tanks. The perfect solution for return from hopper bottom bins.

Horizontal Belt Conveyors are engineered for gentle handling of valuable seed and other bulk materials at speeds of up to 5000 cfh. They can be mounted on stands or suspended from hopper bins.



5,000 CFH capacity
Runs to 100 feet
400 FPM belt speed


Head Section: 8” head pulley is a lagged rubber type. The center of the first tank must be at least 56” from the conveyor outlet to clear the motor (based on a 12” tank outlet).
Tail Section: 4” tail pulley is steel. The last tank can be placed on the tail section up to 36” from the lead edge.
Belting: Friction surface belting rides on an expanded metal slid-er bed and has an “S” wrap drive.
Transitions: 12” square transitions make quick tank-to-conveyor connections.
Return rollers: Return rollers with ball bearings are on 10' intervals.



Conveyors consist of a head, tail, and intermediate sections. The conveyor working length (from the center of the last bin to the conveyor outlet) determines the length of intermediate conveyor required. The chart shows the intermediate length and horsepower required, based on working length. Pick a working length just longer than your actual working length. Intermediate sections column indicates quantity of 10', 5' and 2' sections required.






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