Seed Box Opening System - BOS II

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The remote control BOS II is a wireless box opening system that makes opening center flow seed boxes a breeze. Just attach the BOS II to the seed box and push a button. Emptying boxes and filling seed tenders or planters can easily be a one-man job with the BOS II.



Designed with the commercial seed operation in mind.  The BOS II is great for anyone that doesn’t want to climb a ladder to open a seed box gate. With the BOS II there is no need to get out of the forklift or skid loader when the box is in the air. Work safer by staying on the ground and stay out of the treated seed dust too. With the BOS, seed flows directly from the box to the tender.  BOS II requires much less storage space than a conveyor as well.



Quick over-center latch securely attaches BOS II to the seed box.

Two wireless remote controls capable of controlling BOS II from distances of around 50 feet.

With almost 50 lbs of linear pulling force, the electric gate opening actuator opens and closes gates even when they are under load or flowing seed.

Durable aluminum construction means the BOS II is commercial grade but still weighs only 26 lbs.

Ships with two batteries and a charger.

Can be used with popular seed chutes on the market and does not affect the way boxes are lifted by a forklift.

Designed to open the gate on popular gated, molded plastic seed and granular material handling boxes, often called Buckhorn®, CenterFlow™, or PROBOX®.


US patent pending



Features of the BOS II, wireless seed box opener. See it in action.

Features of the BOS II, wireless seed box opener.