Weigh Hopper / Holding Tank

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Ideal for temporary storage of bulk seed.

Weigh hoppers, or seed holding tanks, can be equipped with, or without scales and are available in capacities of 200, 250 and 300 bushels. Standard units are extremely versatile and fit a number of configuration challenges. Legs are extendable. Hoppers can be equipped with sight glasses and ladders as necessary.


200, 250 and 300 bushel capacities. 

Rack and pinion gate at discharge

Adjustable legs allow for variable outlet heights 

Forklift access for moving tank as necessary

45 degree sloped hopper for complete clean out

Welded construction; 14 ga. construction with 10 ga. hopper supports

Galvanized 8 ft. ladder




14 ga. welded construction with 10 ga. hopper supports

Cross braces for forklift access

8' galvanized access ladder

45° slope for complete cleanout


Telescoping 3/16” square tube legs with height adjust-ment holes on 10” intervals.

Shut-off Gate

12” x 12” gate with rack & pinion operation. 

Gates ride on nylon rollers.


  Legs Fully Extended Legs Fully Retracted
A 12' 4" 8' 10"
B 5' 3" 1' 9"

Feet on adjustable legs make overall width 8’-2”.



Extension Rings

Galvanized finish

12” ring adds extra 50 bushels of capacity

24” ring adds extra 100 bushels.


4 ft. galvanized ladder extension for use with tank extension rings.

Sight Glass

Factory installed.

Scale System

Cardinal 25,000# system with scale weight indicator and ticket printer

NTEP approved components.

Requires certification for legal trade.