Atlas NXT Customer Testimonial

"I Don't Know Why a Person Would Ever Buy Anything Other Than an Atlas"

Those are certainly nice words spoken by Jon Hegge, Feed Manager at Watertown Coop Elevator in Watertown, SD, and we love to get this kind of feedback when someone is pleased with one of our Sudenga products. We recently spoke with Jon about his experience after the purchase of a Sudenga Atlas NXT High Capacity Feed Transport.

The Story
Here's the story in Jon's own words.

"My driver, Darin Magedanz, and I could not be more pleased with the new trailer. I must admit that I didn't think we needed the fast unloading rate of the Atlas when we were first looking at the trailer.

The Sudenga people were kind enough to run a load of grain through the trailer for us when we arrived to pick it up after our wet kit was installed. We wanted to make sure the wet kit and trailer were properly matched. Darin and I couldn't believe what our eyes were seeing; over 7000 pounds per minute in shell corn. We had never seen a feed trailer unload that fast. After break-in, that's what it does for our finishing rations too!"

The NEW Atlas NXT from Sudenga Industries Sets the Standard for Feed Truck Unload Rates - Average of 7000 lbs Per Minute.

The new Atlas NXT Feed Trailers and Trucks from Sudenga are the industry leaders for unloading speed with capacities as high as 8,500 lb./min. The massive horizontal-to-vertical transition houses a four vane flipper that rapidly moves feed from the floor auger to the vertical auger. The unloading auger system is designed for very effective
cleanout which reduces carryover to an absolute minimum.

The Atlas NXT Feed Transports are available in straight truck or trailer configurations and nearly all will clear a 12' door.

Product features include:
• 16" Vertical Auger, 12" Floor & Discharge Augers.
• Oversized horizontal-to-vertical Transition.

The Story Continues . . .
"Darin especially likes it for the fact that his day ends at 5:00 p.m. rather than 7:00 p.m. even though he's hauling more loads.

We really like the options we included as part of our purchase - the air wand clean-out, the fall restraint system, and the automatic shut-off Sudenga uses for the radio control. I've had phone calls from our customers about how impressed they are when they see Darin on top of the trailer blowing the dust out of the compartments with the air wand, because they know they are getting all the feed they're getting billed for. With the fall restraint system, this is much safer for Darin to accomplish.

Customers are also amazed that the auger stops just when the bin is full so no feed is spilled by over-filling a bin or by trying to get an auger un-plugged."

Jon and Darin – we are proud to have you as Sudenga customers and thank you for really making our day!

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