Customer Profile: Zimmerman Feed

Zimmerman Feed and Grain – A 20-Year Sudenga Customer Continues to Grow

Zimmerman Feed and Grain was launched by Glen Zimmerman in the late 60's as an integrated mill serving layer production in a 75-mile radius of their Forrest, IL location. With a focus on quality products and customer service, the business grew into toll milling to the point where sons Jeff and Dennis joined the operation, eventually purchasing the business from Glen in 1984.

In 1989, Zimmerman launched a private label brand – Nutri-Tech. This private label brand opened the door for the custom-blended toll mix that now serves the area's swine and turkey producer accounts. While this toll mill business makes up a large percentage of their total volume, Zimmerman still services individual producers with the same focus on quality that Glen provided almost 50 years ago.

"Sudenga Has it Figured Out"

Twenty years ago Zimmerman purchased a Sudenga feed body and based on how positive that experience was they looked to Sudenga when they constructed a new feed mill in 2009. Thadd Zimmerman explains, "When we were looking at equipment for the new facility, we met with Sudenga and it was very apparent to us that they had the products we needed. We purchased both a standard and a loss-weigh system because we needed weighing accuracy as well as a price we could live with. Sudenga just has it all figured out."

"We could not be happier," Thadd continues. "From the time we started this machine in 2009 to today, it has run at least 16-hours per day with absolutely no issues whatever. This translates into high productivity for us, which keeps our customers very happy."

One of the side benefits that Thadd mentioned is that with their full plant automation set-up combined with the Sudenga loss-weigh system, they can track the medications that are added to the feed mix. He says the state always wants to know where every pound of medication was distributed and they have no problem providing a very accurate accounting.

Business is Changing

We asked Thadd about how their business is changing and it was interesting to hear about what is happening with feed ingredients. He told us that their customers are asking them to source by-products such as DDG, hominy, bakery, and wheat by-products as more corn is being taken out of the diets. The removal of corn from a pelleted swine mix for example, can lower the cost of the final product by $20 to $25 per ton.

"With all of these changes taking place in our business and markets, it is really nice to know that we don't have to worry about our Sudenga loss-weigh system letting us down."

Sudenga Loss-In-Weight Micro Skid