How Do You Say “Sudenga”? And Other Questions Answered

Sudenga? How do I say it?

In the northwest corner of Iowa, where the company was founded, the name has always been pronounced “Soo‐den‐gay”. That is how it is pronounced today.


How old is Sudenga Industries?

Sudenga Industries traces its roots back to its founding in 1888, by German blacksmith Folkert Sudenga, as the George Iron and Woodworks. Folkert’s two sons Phillip and George joined him in later years. Eventually, Phillip’s sons Floyd and Jay joined the company and transitioned into full‐fledged manufacturing around 1946. The company came to be called Sudenga Industries in 1962 when it was incorporated by Floyd and Jay. 2013 marks the 125th anniversary of Sudenga Industries.


Who own’s Sudenga Industries?

Sudenga Industries was purchased from the Sudenga brothers in 1975 by five key employees, two of who still hold controlling interest today. Sudenga Industries is one of three divisions held by Diversified Technologies, Inc. Diversified Technologies, Inc. was started in the early 1980’s to consolidate Sudenga Industries, Inc. under one umbrella with sister company, Dur‐A‐Lift Inc.


How many people does Sudenga Industries employ?

Sudenga Industries, Inc. employs around 275 people and draws employees from as far away as 65 miles. In 2004, a review of employee tenure found that one out of every four employees had been with the company 20 years or more.


Where is Sudenga Industries located?

Sudenga Industries enjoys approximately 150,000 square feet of manufacturing space located on a 28 acre campus one mile northeast of George, Iowa. The main corporate office is also located on this campus. A fully stocked warehouse is maintained in Larwill, Indiana.


In a nutshell, what does Sudenga Industries do?

Sudenga Industries, Inc. is a manufacturer of bulk material handling and processing equipment. If there is a bulk product to move, Sudenga Industries’ is the company that gets the call. Corn, soybeans, wheat, feed, seed and fertilizer are all common agricultural materials handled by Sudenga equipment. While agriculture is a traditional market niche for Sudenga products, you can also find “Sudenga” handling everything from coffee beans to ground rubber to frac sand. Sudenga Industries also does a variety of contract manufacturing for a number of other companies.


What products does Sudenga Industries manufacture?

Sudenga products include, portable augers, stationary augers, bucket elevators, drag chain conveyors, seed belt conveyors, bin unloading equipment, bulk feed trucks and trailers and feed processing systems. Sister company Dur‐A‐Lift manufactures truck and van mounted aerial lifts for what is better known as a bucket truck.